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Sheer Horizontals Shades

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Who doesn’t love to have a modern look to their home with a combination of the beauty of a fabric shade and the functionality of a blind? Sheer horizontals blinds or sheer shades combine the soft elegance of the fabric shade having the functionality of a blind. The outcome is a unique and stunning shade combing the best of both the blind and shade in one. You may tilt the fabric vanes in the similar way you would do to a blind for controlling the amount of light that enters your room. When you close fully, two layers of sheer, soft filter light diffuse into your room gently.

Sheer Horizontals are available in various fabrics and color options and operate with the use of one standard continuous cord loop. You may choose between 3-inch, 2.5-inch, and 2-inch slats to help in complementing the size of the window that you are planning to cover. The light-filtering fabric will offer you some level of privacy, however, it is worth mentioning that, during the night, the silhouettes can be viewed from the outside. This is because the inside light is diffused in the outward direction. At, Craftsman Shutters, our aim is to make your window treatment shopping convenient and easy.

The Benefits of choosing Sheer Horizontals

Here are some benefits of sheer horizontals for your home.

  • Light Filtering: Fabric slats of sheer horizontals diffuse light gently into a room while offering a moderate level of privacy.
  • Light Control: The multiple slat sizes enable you to select from the slats which not only compliments your window but also provide you with the perfect amount of light control.
  • Style: The Sheer Horizontals combine the functionality of the blind with light diffusion of the shade for quite a unique and modern look.

Upgrade your sheer horizontals

Sheer Horizontals have some upgrades and options available for enhancing their function and look.

  • Room Darkening: Apart from the addition to the light filtering, the Sheer Horizontals can be ordered with room-darkening fabric for taking the light diffusion to your next level. The perfect areas are a media room, nursery, or bedroom.
  • Motorized lift: This enables you to adjust the height with just a push of a button which brings the ultimate convenience for the windows that are out of reach.


Before you purchase sheer horizontals, here are a few things that you must consider.

  • The fabric blocks almost all the damaging UV rays and also the room-darkening shades block the most light
  • The fabric materials of these blinds are not ideal in the areas of high humid like above the kitchen sink or bathroom
  • Cleaning is perfectly done by slight vacuuming inside the hollow

Installation of Sheer Horizontals

The sheer shades are customized that fit any window perfectly and you can easily install them. Experts at Craftsman Shutters will guide you in the process of correct measurement and installation of your new shades. Our in-house design consultants will be happy to assist you and clear all your doubts. Call us at 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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