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High Quality Blinds from Craftsman Shutters & Blinds 

Upgrading your home is easy when you let Craftsman take the reins. We are one of Ontario’s most trusted manufacturer and installer of custom blinds. Our goal is to outfit the rooms in your home with gorgeous new high-quality blinds that complement your existing décor. Moreover, new window blinds from Craftsman allows you to add value to your home. Since your home is your biggest asset, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Craftsman offers only the finest blinds and shades from a range of well-known companies, Elite Window Fashions, Sunglow Window Coverings, C&B Window Coverings and more. From traditional blinds like Roller Shades to more modern shades like Silhouettes, we carry all types of window coverings that would best fit your home.

From living room to media room, to bedroom, home décor has come a long way, even in the last 10 years in North America. This has come to include everything from fancy flooring, to innovative window coverings. The fact is, almost everyone wants a warm and inviting atmosphere, regardless of how big or small the home. We can help you create the perfect home for yourself.Vienna window shades living room Craftsman Blinds Shutters

When it comes to window coverings, function often overrides décor - but today, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can help you create the perfect home for yourself. High-quality blinds can be both practical and beautiful at the same time. With vibrant colours and novel textures, window blinds can bring a room to life, and practically overnight.

At Craftsman, experienced consultants offer high-quality blinds, high quality shutters, and window shades from some of the best-known companies in Canada. From traditional options like “roller shades” to more intricate light diffusing shades, there’s truly something for everyone.

Craftsman Offers Choice

The custom blinds we offer are available to anyone looking to spruce up their home. We provide our customers with the blinds they want at a price they can trust.

  • Roller blinds & shades: For a modern touch, try adding roller shades to any room. With light filtering controls and ease-of-use, roller shades are perfect for your living room and den. Because they offer optimal privacy when closed, these shades are also able to keep outside noises to a minimum even when the windows they cover are open.
  • Silhouette shades: When you have a view, you don’t want to hide it behind blinds. With silhouette shades, you don’t have to sacrifice the gorgeous views found outside your windows. Ideal for rooms that overlook backyards, gardens and other picturesque landscapes, these shades feature sheer panels that are able to diffuse the sun’s damaging UV rays. 
  • Vertical blinds: Traditionally, vertical blinds are commonly used in homes because they let you control the amount of light you let in and out. Versatility is key with these blinds because they function on a 180-degree rotation. If you’re looking for modern window coverings that work in larger rooms, these are the blinds for you.
  • Roman shades: Many people prefer to sleep while cloaked in darkness. For those looking for ultimate peace and quiet while they sleep, roman blinds keep light out. These blinds are created with durable materials that discourage light from entering the room when closed. However, when opened, roman shades give you the chance to let light in and illuminate the room.
  • Solar shades & blinds: Looking for environmentally-friendly blinds? Try solar shades. These blinds contain absorbing properties that keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from getting into your home and damaging your furniture and warping your floors. With UV-resistant materials, solar shades give you peace of mind knowing the sun won’t penetrate your home and destroy your property.
  • Motorized blinds and shades: For convenience, choose motorized shades. These shades can be controlled with the touch of a button. Using either your smartphone, tablet, remote or wall-mounted switch, you can easily operate motorized shades. Install them (or better yet, let us install them for you) in rooms where you entertain (living room, den) or in your office or bedroom.

As aforementioned, we offer window coverings from the top names in the Canadian industry. We are proud of the relationships we’ve crafted over the years with the likes of Elite Window Fashions (to name a few). It’s our way of showing our customers that we only work with the best companies that create the best products.

Elite Window Fashions™

A leading manufacturer of custom window coverings, Elite Window Fashions™ offers an array of unique and fashion-driven window treatments for every room of the house. Choose from dozens of high-quality blinds and shades, for both residential and commercial installation.

Sun Glow Window Covering Products of Canada

Sun Glow is committed to producing superior quality window coverings and creating functional solutions that are aesthetically pleasing in every application. Sun Glow sources and develops many products that are environmentally responsible, without compromising quality and innovation.

C&B Window Coverings

Manufacturing custom window-coverings for almost 30 years, C&B Window Coverings is fully committed to customer satisfaction with every product. Choose from a wide selection of colours, styles and décor to suit every taste. These are high-quality products, at affordable prices.

The focus for Craftsman Shutters & Blinds is on quality and craftsmanship. And with a committed approach to service and excellence, every effort is made to deliver the best possible value on every order. From consultation, to design, to installation, the team at Craftsman is ready to serve.

In addition to high-quality blinds, Craftsman manufactures custom wood shutters. These shutters offer the finest quality workmanship at the best possible price point. Craftsman custom wood shutters will outlive all other window coverings – it’s a commitment to product performance, and we highly recommend them. With these coverings, there is no reason to opt for faux wood.

Craftsman Shutters & Blinds also carries an exclusive line of exterior shutters from pine, maple, poplar, and oak. These shutters are hand-finished in a variety of custom stains and custom colours, providing long-lasting durability from season to season around the year. Our California shutters, plantation shutters, and cellular shades are also popular choices among our clients. Overall, we as a blind company, take pride in giving the most options to select from.

To book a FREE in-home consultation and quote, customers are invited to call one of Craftsman’s experienced staff members at 416-282-4229. Windows will be accurately measured, samples will be presented, and a FREE price quote will be prepared onsite. For more information about products and services, visit the company website at www.craftsmanshutter.com.

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