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In this tech-driven world, where everything is easy to access, it is time to shift your focus from traditional shades to motorized shades. Better said, motorized shades are the ones that come with a tube tactfully installed up to the top that helps in lifting up the shade. The battery is fitted above it and is connected to a motor for drawing power. At Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds, we put in a lot of effort to design these shades ensuring you enjoy their convenience and versatility without compromising on security.

Motorized shades in different styles

Motorized shades initially were available in only one style. However with its growing popularity, today it is easy to avail a motorized shade as per your taste and preference. This is in fact a widely accepted trend to add a modern using smart technical touch to the interior of your house. Simply take your windows to another level by getting them decked up with our motorized shades, available at a price worth your budget.

With Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds, you can buy motorized shades with a style, and colour doing justice to your furniture, flooring, and overall decor. These are great window covers if you plan to convert your home into a smart home over a span of time.

Advantages of using motorized shades

Motorized shades come with a myriad of benefits which include the following:

  • Convenience- One of the most prominent benefits of using motorized shutters is convenience. Enjoy opening and closing them by simply pressing a button.
  • Safety- Motorized shades are designed cordless. This lowers the risk of injury to any family member, especially kids and pets.
  • Highly versatile- These shades are known for their extraordinary versatility. There is no issue with the installation or opening and closing shades on the tall windows.
  • Energy efficient- Alongside offering reliable insulation, motorized shades are great for controlling the flow of natural light.
  • Security- You can easily open and close the motorized shades by connecting them to a smart home device. This way your shades can be operated even when you are away from your house.
  • Boost property value- In this era of smart homes, the addition of motorized shades, increase the value of your property.

Other features available

Motorized shades add a clean, modern touch to your home complimenting the interior in an effortless manner. We offer you more than 100 fabric choices to choose from. Our motorized shades come in blackout, translucent, and sheer quality fabric that lets you block the light in the bedroom when you plan to sleep and have adequate flow in the living room. You can command the blinds using a smart remote, or voice assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Ask for the custom fit option and we will get that too.

Get your Motorized Shades

If you are looking for a modern smart upgrade to your home, it’s time to add some tech features to your windows. Call us to discuss our motorized shades and enjoy a digital feature for your windows. With experts taking care of the designing and manufacturing process, we assure you the best of the best.

To find out more about our motorized shades, call 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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