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Refinishing Wooden Shutters - "Summer Special" Save Upto 30%

Wooden window shutters can lose their vibrancy over the years, and can start to look lackluster. Today, there’s a solution to refreshing and reviving existing shutters. Refinishing and repainting wooden shutters has become quite popular in recent times, and the results are quite remarkable.

For many homeowners, the idea of reviving window shutters emerges when interior decorating or remodeling is in the works. Suddenly it becomes obvious that the shutters need to be renewed. The good news is that many shutters can be beautifully refurbished instead of being replaced.

What’s most important when refinishing and repainting wooden shutters is to have it done by a professional firm. Craftsman Shutters & Blinds provides that type of high quality refurbishing, with a professional touch, and with results that are sometimes even better than the original.   

Professional Refinishing by Craftsman Shutters & Blinds

At Craftsman Shutters & Blinds, refinishing shutters is about quality workmanship. Every effort is made to deliver the very best finished product, and the best possible value. From inspection and removal, to repairs and refurbishing, the team at Craftsman refinishes shutters better than new.

  • shutters and frames are professionally removed and inspected
  • repairs are made where necessary, and damaged parts replaced
  • broken louvers, tilt rods, tension devices are suitably repaired
  • shutter panels are glued and reinforced to ensure solid joints
  • panels are properly cleaned to remove any dirt, polish, or oils
  • any chips and/or cracks are fixed and sanded (front and back)
  • sanding ensures the best possible surface for the final finish
  • all shutters are spray painted with premium quality finishes
  • two coats of finish provide the furniture grade quality look
  • refinishing the existing hinges is part of the attention to detail

When Craftsman installers return the refinished window shutters, they are perfectly re-installed and adjusted into place. The installation is double-checked for workmanship, and adjustments are made accordingly. Finally, the action of the newly installed panels is tested for performance.

In addition to refinishing window shutters, Craftsman Shutters & Blinds manufactures a range of custom wood shutters. These custom shutters are quality made, and will outlive other window coverings on the market. It’s a sign of commitment that Craftsman delivers, along with product performance for many years to come.

Craftsman Shutters & Blinds also offers an exclusive range of exterior shutters made from pine, poplar, maple, and oak. Using high quality primers, stains, and paints, these shutters are quality finished with some of the best finishes in the industry. These shutters will provide longwearing durability throughout the year.

Finally, Craftsman offers homeowners top quality window blinds and shades from the best window covering companies in Canada. Choose from traditional coverings like “roller shades” or more advanced light-diffusing blinds, many with a lifetime guarantee. Craftsman has something for everyone and every taste.

To book a FREE consultation, call one of the experienced staff members at Craftsman at 416-282-4229. Windows will be measured, design samples will be offered, and a FREE quote will be prepared right onsite. For more information about window coverings and installation services, visit the Craftsman website at www.craftsmanshutter.com

*Refinishing Applies to Interior Wood Shutters Only**

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