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Q: Does your company do free in home quotes?

A: Yes we do. If you call our office at 416-282-4229 we can book you in for a free at home quote. At this appointment we will measure all windows, show you samples of what you are looking for and give you your free quote

Q: Do you only do wood shutters for inside?

A: No. We do wood shutters for inside and outside, vinyl shutters for inside and all types of different blinds for inside.

Q: My window has a curve at the top, what can be done if I want shutters?

A: If you are looking to cover a window with an arch at the top we can custom make arches to fit the space needed that will match your current or new shutters.

Q: If I would like to get my whole house done but not all at the same time is this something you can accommodate?

A: Yes. We would suggest getting an in home quote and getting all the windows measured that you would like coverings in. Then you can decide which windows/rooms you would like to go with first, and can finish the rest at a later date.

Q: How long do wood shutters last and is there a warranty?

A: Wood shutters last about 10-15 years and come with a warranty. Please refer to the Warranty page or give us a call and we can give you information on our warranty.


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