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Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wooden blinds possess the ability to transform your house into a classic one without any extra cost on the interior. Not only wood blinds are known for their durability, but they are also equipped with an array of customization options available with us at a rate worth your budget. We, at Craftsman Shutters, are committed to meeting all your blind-related requirements ensuring better functionality.

Why Opt for Wood Blinds?

Craftsman Shutters bring to you wood blinds in different paint and stain options. The specialty of this type of blind is slate which is made from completely real wood, letting you decide the stain and keeping the flooring or furniture of your house in concern. We also offer paints in neutral colors that can go with any interior decor. Besides, you get to decide the slat sizes depending on the size of your window and the amount of light as well as the privacy you want to have.

Reasons to Invest in Wood blinds

Wood blinds are great for any interior and here is why.

  • High quality- Made from quality enriched wood contributing to two vital factors-aesthetic and durability
  • Sophisticated alternative- If are looking for large slats measuring around 2.5”, it is recommended to look for wood blinds. They come with a classy touch of real wood at zero additional cost.
  • Easy to customize- Wood blinds come with a myriad of options for customization. You get to mix and match wood grain, slat size, paint color as well as the stains, ensuring they all meet your taste and the interior of your house.

Ample choices for upgrades

At craftsman Shutters, we offer you a good range of options to upgrade your wood blinds. This will help you get the best window treatment for any number of rooms in your office and house.

  • Rounded corners- Wood blinds in rounded corners will give an edgy look to the slats as well as lower the risk of any injury from the traditional pointy corners.
  • Cordless lift- If you are wondering about the mostpopular upgrade for wood blinds, this is it! Cordless lift creates a ground for you to operate the blinds with a secret control system. Just push a button to lower or raise the blinds. Besides, cordless lift is safe for houses with kids and pets.
  • Routless blinds- This means there will be no visible holes in the slats meant for the cords to pass through. Now this also means you will be enjoying more privacy and a more dark room to have sound sleep.
  • Unbroken cord loop- Unbroken cord loop is a customized option available for securing the cords of your chosen wooden blinds to the window frame. This is an ideal option available for large windows due to its even distribution of weight and ease of operation.
  • Cornices and valances- To accentuate your wood blinds, opt for cornices and valances serving as a stylish topper.

If you are looking for something else, we have got you covered. From clothes tapes to thicker slates, switching real wood blind for faux wood, you get everything you want at Craftsman Shutters.

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All our wood blinds are made in house by our skilled craftsmen serving this industry for years. We take pride in our retails and wholesale blinds, shades and shutter business, committed to delivgering you teh best at a reasonable rate. So why wait more? Pick up the phone and call us now at 416-282-4229.

You can also email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com and avail our free consulation service at your convenience.

To learn more about our Vision Blinds, call 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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