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Triple Horizontals Shades

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The harsh sunlight that comes from the window actually can fade away your upholstery. The alternating pattern of the Triple horizontal shade makes it possible for you to control the light in an aesthetic manner. Also, the control over sunlight decreases the heat that enters your room and also in the summer months reduces discomfort. Being a trusted interior and exterior brand, Craftsman Shutters offers a wide array of Triple Horizontal window shades. The basic operation encompasses a beaded chain, that when pulled, the fabric rolls onto the roller tube neatly. The Triple Shade blinds from Craftsman Shutters provide you with the option to control the amount of sunlight that enters your window.

Characteristics of Triple Horizontals

  • Triple Horizontals shadings combine blinds, roller shades, and draperies into a stylish and exquisite design. The soft shades are made of 3” and 2” fabric vanes that are suspended between the sheer facings.
  • It filters the strong sunlight in a way that your interior space looks wider with the cozy and soft filtering affection. This protects the furniture from any discoloration or color fading caused by harmful UV rays. Tilting the vanes brings home a spectacular beauty of light.
  • When 99% closed and when tilted open, triple horizontals block 85% of the harmful UV rays
  • Energy saving sheer creates a heated boundary
  • Non-health risk, non-chemical adhesives, and non-chemical coating
  • Four patterned designs- Triple, Eco-shel, Swan, and New Triple
  • Roll up or tilt by motorization or cord
  • The angle of vanes can be controlled so natural light that enters the room can be controlled
  • It ensures a clean appearance when you roll up into the cassette for a clear view

Benefits of Triple Horizontals

Triple horizontals can close the gap between Curtains and Venetian Blinds in quite a unique design featuring fabric slats that are suspended between the two sheer fabric facings for complete privacy and light control. For a soft view, the shadings can also be opened and for complete, privacy can be closed. For flexible light control, it can even be tilted. They are easy to clean and durable due to the use of antistatic fabric. By diffusing and dispersing sunlight all over the room, daylighting efficiency is maximized. Turning off the light preserves energy.

There is no cord that runs through the fabric that can detract from the shade’s simple elegance. In one triple horizontal shading, you get the functionality of two blinds. With two sheer facings, daytime privacy is achieved that can be tilted for controlling the degree of heat and light entering your room and it maintains your view too.

Why choose Triple Horizontals Shade from Craftsman Shutters?

  • Contemporary and sleek appearance
  • Complete privacy and light control
  • Build with 3 fabric layers
  • Brings elegance to a room

Triple horizontals shades from Craftsman Shutters lets you control the angle of horizontal panels and retract the blind completely also into a stylishly designed cassette system. The blinds are customized and designed particularly as per the requirements of clients in a way such that they last longer.

Wish to know more about Triple Horizontals? Call us at 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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