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Solar Shades

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Solar shades are the preferred option to lower the glare along with keeping the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun at bay. These shades have been designed to reduce the UV rays of the sun while also getting a view of what is going on outside. Craftsman Shutters has a good team of experienced craftsmen who make sure to deliver quality products.

What are solar shades made of?

Indoor solar shades are made using fabric possessing the ability to filter light, which is why even when you get light into the room where they are fitted, the UV rays are unable to affect you. However, they are not meant for blackouts. This means, with the use of solar shades, you get the same amount of visibility at night as you get during the day, the only difference is moonlight and sunlight reversing roles. For added privacy, you can opt for our sunscreens along with solar shades.

Solar shades are helpful not just in preventing the UV rays from reaching your skin but also protecting your furniture and any additional heat buildup in the house. This in turn will reduce your utility charges to a great extent.

Benefits of using solar shades

Solar shades are equipped with three prime benefits making them a great choice for covering your windows.

  • Glare protection- If you are looking for shades that can reduce the glare from the sun rays, solar shades sound ideal. They can be used for offices, home theatres, media rooms, and in any place where you are likely to spend a lot of time in front of the screens.
  • Does not obstruct view- Solar shades only block the sunlight but not the view. You can easily enjoy watching what’s going on outside.
  • Blocks the UV rays- Solar shades are also meant for blocking the UV rays which can cause harm to your skin, as well as your furniture, and boost interior heat.

Upgrades available for Solar shades

We offer some upgrade options for solar shades which you can avail for enhancing their function and look.

  • Motorized option- Convenience is all that matters. With the motorized option, you will be able to lower and raise the solar shade easily by pressing a button.
  • Cordless lift- Cordless lifts for solar shades are ideal for houses with kids and pets. It eliminated the use of lift cords usually equipped with all shades. Instead, you get access to a control system that is hidden behind.
  • >Available in different specifications- Solar shades can be manufactured in varying specifications as required by the customer.

Buy Solar shade with Craftsman Shutters

All solar shades available with craftsman shutters are custom-built and can fit any window easily. Besides, you can request upgrades to get shades as per your specifications. We have created a guide to help you choose the best solar shade for your house and office. Our team of in-house shutters, shades, and blind designers is here to help you pick up the best product and enjoy using it.

To learn more about our Solar Shades, call 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

To learn more about our Vision Blinds, call 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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