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Horizontal Blinds

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Horizontal blinds have been used for years and continue to offer functionality with a familiar and exotic look. The popular horizontal blinds we offer include faux, aluminum, and wood ones which are classified as a great way to treat the windows lowering humidity, and ensuring the passage of light and privacy when required.

What blinds classify as horizontal blinds?

Blinds making a stylish covering for your windows with quality enriched movable slats effortlessly resting in the horizontal position are referred to as horizontal blind. They are not only great for your house but also for any commercial property, including offices, salons, and more. At Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds, we are committed to offering you numerous options for horizontal blinds loaded with features that will be sure to cater to your needs.

Access horizontal blinds in different materials and decors

We understand how a window blind can make or break the interior decor of your home. We have horizontal blinds in different materials and decors. As per your chosen material, you get to select a colour complementing the look of your rooms. For instance, if you pick an aluminum- made horizontal blind, the colour options available range from various shades of grey, off-white, white, and silver.

Horizontal blinds are very popular and still continue to reign in the blinds market. Just like a basic graphic or plain t-shirt in your wardrobe finding compatibility with shorts and pants likewise, horizontal blinds too complement any decor. They are just super-versatile, and budget worthy.

Options to Customize

Considering the love you have for horizontal blinds, Craftsman Shutters is here with custom material options for the slats like distressed wood, leather, bamboo, and perforated metal. And if your budget permits, you get to print the slats with any custom design you like. However, make sure to measure the size of your room before investing in horizontal blinds. In the case of small rooms, micro slats would look better while large slats are perfect for rooms with a lot of space.

Why is slat size important for horizontal blinds?

A room without a window is like a closed cardboard box, good enough to suffocate you and your guests. This is why windows were added to allow the flow of light and air as well as a view of what's going on outside. But you do not need light and the outside view always. Privacy too matters and so does the slat size. Your view size will be dependent on the slat size of your horizontal blinds. This means, bigger views call for larger slats and vice versa. You get to adjust these blinds keeping the amount of light and privacy you want. They can be fully closed if you wish to have a dark room to watch a movie with your family, while partially closed if you are seeking privacy with a little bit of natural light coming in.

The good thing about horizontal blinds is you can also turn the slats at a certain point towards the ceiling ensuring privacy as well as an ample amount of light flowing into the room.

Get Horizontal Blinds with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds

No matter which way you look at it, you can’t help but to be drawn to the advantages of horizontal blinds. They are easy to clean, easily customizable, and available with child safety features. At Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds, we care for your safety, privacy and light concern. With horizontal blinds, get the look that is ideal for your rooms.

To learn more about horizontal blinds from our consultants, call 416-282-4229 or drop an email at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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