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Double Shades

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When choosing to buy blackout or solar shades for any particular room, it may be a tough decision. But when you are installing double shades, you do not have to decide. Double Shades, also referred to as double roller blinds or dual blinds, have a modern, simple, and clean design aesthetic. They are a kind of window covering that consists of both blackout and light-filtering roller shades installed in the same window frame, that you can use separately or together.

Light filtering or solar shades usually goes in front and the blackout shade usually goes at the back. The double shades have alternating bands of opaque and sheer materials that you can adjust to let the light in or you may overlay them for light control and privacy. Also, there are dual brackets for uncovered regular or/and reverse rolls so you are able to find the perfect look for your office and home.

Double Shades- an innovative solution

For those in search of room darkness, privacy, and light filtering, a double roller blind is the perfect innovative solution. You are able to enjoy the benefits of two window treatments in the same frame that will cover all your needs be it at night or day. We have the perfect combinations of colours, for the two fabrics, that match the style of your home. Having a great variety of fabrics, we personalize the double shades as per your exact style choices and the style of your interior.

Double Shades: Features

  • With a variety of colours and materials to choose from, we can customize the look of your double-shade roller so that it matches seamlessly with the aesthetic of your space
  • Comes standard with one bottom bar and a metal valance
  • Double shades appear with alternating 3-inch privacy opaques and 2-inch sheer bands of materials

Why Choose Double Shades from Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds?

Easy to clean

They are ultra-easy to clean and are simple to operate for a shade that can make a big impact on style and design.

Light Weight

The peripheral weight of the pleated shades enables them to jazz up windows, even large windows.

Options to choose colour, light and texture

With many light control, texture, and colour options, we offer pleated shades for every room

Modern and Affordable

You can now get a modern look for double shades at a price that you will be happy with.

Wish to learn more about the double shades? We are here to Help!

Double the functionality with double roller shades. If you have any questions regarding dual shades or double shades and is on the hunt to find the perfect shades, we are here to assist you with the entire process. Our expert design consultants can help you with your needs from measurement to material selection, scheduling installation, and more. Call us at 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com.

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