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Cellular/Honey Comb Shades

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Cellular/Honeycomb shade is a window treatment that is popular all around the world. Just as sweet as its name, honeycomb shades are a true blend of style and ease of accessibility. These shades are equipped with some unmatched benefits and we have an availability in different colours and styles. You can get a cellular/honeycomb shade in a style matching the interior of your home, or can even opt for a customizable option.

Along with an array of light filtering choices, cellular/honeycomb shades are the best for diffusing or blocking light. If you are looking for these shades in different colours, we have options that will be sure to meet your requirements. Our cellular shades are designed with insulating properties that help you save on your energy bills. All in all, these shades are ideal for use in nurseries, home offices, media rooms as well as bedrooms.

Benefits of Installing Cellular/Honeycomb Shades

Installation of cellular/honeycomb shades in your home or office will come with the following benefits:

  • Style statement- These shades qualify as a modern decor element enhancing the overall appearance of your home while cutting costs exponentially. They are available in numerous colours letting you select the shade, matching the style of your interior decor, including the floors and furniture.
  • Light filtration- This is one of the prime factors that come along with the installation of shades. Our Cellular/honeycomb shades are equipped with great light filtration abilities. You can even consider using them as a blackout option.
  • Effective insulation- Insulation is one of the major factors that cannot be overlooked when installing shades. Cellular/honeycomb shades are designed in a way aiming to offer effective insulation near the windows. They are great for keeping your house cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter season.

Upgrade your shades with these options

We bring to you cellular/honeycomb shades in their traditional style, but with a range of upgrade options allowing you to select one as per your preference. This includes:

  • Motorization- If convenience is your concern, go for motorized cellular/honeycomb shades. This feature is great, especially for difficult-to-reach windows. You can easily raise and lower the shades by pushing a button.
  • Go cordless- Do you have kids or pets at home? Then this upgrade seems to be the one for you. Cordless cellular/honeycomb shades come with a concealed control system. You can raise the shade and lower it simply by your finger touch.
  • Bottom up or top down- This feature lets you easily lower or raise the cellular/honeycomb shade from the top or bottom, likewise. It also offers you optimum privacy.
  • Constant cord loop- This upgrade feature keeps the shade cords secured to the window frame or wall, and you can lower or raise the cellular/honeycomb shade by just pulling the cord loop in an alternative direction.

Come and shop for Cellular/honeycomb shades with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds

Cellular/honeycomb shades are a little bit different from other shades when it comes to slats. This shade type does not have tilting slats but is still helpful with saving on the energy bill. We offer cellular/honeycomb shades with options for customization.

To learn more about our cellular/honeycomb shades, call us at 416-282-4229 or email us at info@craftsmanshutter.com

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