What Type of Blind is Best for Your Home

As a homeowner you may be wondering what type of blind is best for your home? This question has many answers and discovering what type of blind is best for your home begins with Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds. Window coverings come in many different styles, each of which we’ll explore below to give you a better idea of what you need for your home.

What type of blind is best for your home?

We’ve put together a list of our top blinds, including the reasons why they can enhance any room in your home.

Roller Shades

As window coverings go, you can’t go wrong with roller shades. These blinds combine modern elegance with classic style. Roller shades offer any room in your house a pop of colour, or you can choose a simple, sophisticated look with white or black blinds. One of the main motives our customers choose roller shades for their homes is because they are so easy to use. Plus, these blinds feature clean lines that won’t take away from your home’s décor. You can also choose from different patterns that match your décor and compliment it.

Silhouette Shades

Often, we worry that we’ll be sacrificing a gorgeous view by covering it up with blinds. For rooms that overlook a stunning landscape, try silhouette shades. Besides giving you access to your picturesque outdoor views, these blinds are constructed with sheer panels that contain UV diffusing properties. The sun’s harsh rays can damage your furniture and warp your floors, making silhouette shades the perfect addition to living rooms and sitting rooms.

Vertical Blinds

What blind is best for your home, when it comes to the living room or kitchen? Because these rooms often have additional doors that lead outside, vertical blinds offer a contemporary take on Venetian blinds because their slats run vertically instead of horizontally. Perfect for sliding doors and bay windows, vertical blinds are easy to open and close, and you can adjust the slats to let in or keep out as much natural light as you desire.

Solar Shades and Blinds

Many homeowners are looking to reduce energy costs without sacrificing their tastes. With solar shades you can do just that. Equipped with light diffusing properties, solar shades redirect the sun’s rays and keep your energy costs from skyrocketing during the warmer months. In addition, solar blinds reduce glare and keep your furniture and floors intact.

Motorized blinds and shades

For the busy homeowner on the go – isn’t that all of us? – motorized blinds allow us the freedom to open and close our window coverings without even being in the room. With a wall-mounted control panel, app on your smartphone/tablet or remote, you can open and close your blinds from anywhere. With motorized blinds there are no cords waiting to get tangled, which is ideal if you have small children. Also, you don’t have to worry about forgoing style because these blinds are modern and sleek.

What type of blind is best for your home? Let Craftsman answer the question. We’ve been in business since the mid-nineties and can provide you with the best blinds and shades for every room in your home. Contact us today at 416-282-4229 or online. Besides providing homes across Southern Ontario with gorgeous blinds, we offer free in-home quotes.

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