Tips to Buy the Right High-Quality Blinds

With the word ‘window blinds’ coming up in a conversation about interior window covers, the first thing that might hit you is the difficulty involved with cleaning it. While cleaning blinds might seem a little tricky, the benefits unquestionably cancel out the maintenance hassle. If you wish to enhance your window treatment, then nothing can be easy and better than the use of blinds to transform the overall appearance of your house. However, every single type of blind available in the market is different from the other in terms of design and the way they operate. Before you go to the market to buy high-quality blinds, it is important to grab some details beforehand to make the right buying decision.

Ready To Buy Blinds for Your Home? First Take a Look Of These…

Before you decide to buy high-quality blinds for your windows, it is important to first ask yourself some questions along with making a couple of considerations. For instance, what is your primary purpose for buying blinds? Are you looking for blackout blinds or a decorative counterpart? Do you wish to buy horizontal or vertical blinds? Do you need motorized blinds or a manual type like the roman shade or the roller blind? Once you have answers to these questions, making the right decision won’t seem like rocket science! While here you will be getting some information on how to buy the best vertical blinds; let’s begin with understanding the difference between blinds and shades.

Are Blinds and Shades the same?

Most of the time, the word blinds stand’s for both shades and blinds. Even though blinds and shades serve the same purpose of offering a protective indoor window covering, there still lies a significant difference dividing the two. Blinds are available in various types, sizes, and materials and also come with individual slats with free adjustment properties ex. both up-down and side to side; but shades, despite being available in different styles, sizes and materials are made from a single piece of material. The absence of individual slats, limits the adjustment features hitched to shades and they can be only positioned up and down.

The growing popularity of vertical blinds

If you are in search of high-quality blinds that can be opened either from side to side or can be parted in the middle, make sure to look for vertical blinds. They come with individual slats running along the track at the brink of the blind and can be easily parted from the middle or opened sideways depending on the style you select. Vertical blinds are quite popular for ceiling to floor windows as well as patio doors. However, you can also use them over a smaller window too. Vertical blinds available at Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds come in different designs and budgets including PVC, wood, and faux wood.

Tips to buy the right vertical blinds

  1. Take accurate measurements ex. the width and height of the doors.
  2. Take a tour of the gallery, of various styles available including those out of stock.
  3. Browse the options available for customization like the materials offered, size, control type, brackets, stack options, texture, colour, valance, quantity, and warranty features.

Buying high-quality blinds calls for your attention and the purpose to make the right decision with your investment. So, make sure to keep all factors mentioned above into consideration to get the best blinds for your doors and windows.


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