Stay Cool This Summer with Solar Shades

Summer is around the corner and temperature’s will soon rise. We all love Summers, especially after surviving through the cold and harsh winter months of December, January and February.

It’s the season we can enjoy strolls in the sun and doing outdoor activities.  The beautiful view outside, we can finally enjoy with our windows open, enjoying the sunshine in the morning with a warm cup of coffee.

When summer is finally here, opening our window panes which were shut for over 4 months to explore the view and enjoy the summer breeze is a wonderful feeling. In fact, we start thinking of repairing and fixing the crank handles, the sash locks and cleaning the windows.

But, like every coin has two sides, this pleasant feeling can become challenging when the temperatures start rising. The rising temperatures as we enter June and gradually into July start to make our days hotter and heat can get trapped in the home making the home hot, smoggy and sometimes uncomfortable.

The sun can become a challenge and may force us to cover our beautiful windows and block our views with window coverings or curtains which are expensive, don’t match with the current décor or is outdated. Also they are difficult to wash and clean and you would have to uninstall them every time you have to clean them, you may even have to get them cleaned professionally which is an expense and inconvenient.

Here’s when we at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds provide you with the best solution when it comes to Window Shades and Coverings. We offer you a variety of trendy looking shades which not only make your home look trendy, but are also affordable and so easy to maintain that once we install them, you don’t have to look back for years.

Our Custom shades not only take your stress away from maintenance and cleaning, but also because they come in a variety of materials like Wood & Vinyl which gives you a wide array of options to choose from so that it can suit the décor according to every room in your house. You can also select from a range of wood types like Oak, Maple, Pine, etc. if you like to go for a wooden look. The best thing about the wooden look is it looks chic and is always trendy.

As summer approaches, we would like to recommend our best solar shades which are great for a number of reasons:

  1. They protect you and your family from the harmful UV Rays
  2. Absorb heat to keep the house cool during even the most hotter days in Summer

Let’s have a look why Solar shades is an amazing choice when it comes to choosing custom window coverings especially during the hotter months of the season.

Solar Shades: For a Better and Uninterrupted View

Solar shades are manufactured using fabric to reduce the excess infrared heat, and to reduce glare. Apart from cutting down on the harmful UV rays that have adverse effects which we all know of, they also provide and maintain daytime privacy for your home. When it gets excessively hot and there is direct sunlight exposure on your floors or your furniture like your couch, for example, especially if it is situated next to the window, it may be harmful by impending it to lose its shine and colour and eventually turn it dull.

How Solar Shades can help?  They allow you to maintain the beautiful floors and furniture in your home without you having to compromise on the privacy or the view outside. They are modern, classy yet sleek and filters the light that transmits inside the room. Fabric used for solar shades are available in a wide range of colours, styles and categories. The three categories under which the fabric falls are Dark, Light & High Performance Reflective Fabrics.

Overall they help in maintaining the below:

  • Managing natural light in the room
  • Help you enjoy the external view
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Controlling Heat and Brightness in the room
  • Maintaining a certain temperature in the room that is confortable


Types of Solar Shades

Solar shades come in various types. Let’s quickly glance through some of its most popular types.

High Performance Solar Shades: For a wider and a better view, for controlling glare and for reduction of heat, high performance fabric is always chosen

Dark-Coloured Solar Shades: For a clear and excellent view and to reduce the glare a dark coloured fabric is recommended

Light-Coloured Solar Shades: For excellent heat management a light coloured fabric is the best option.


Benefits of Installing Solar Shades:

Summers are usually hot and dry, which can make you feel like you are in a hot boiler especially during the day. Installing Solar shades is a great solution to minimize the heat during the scorching summers to beat the over bearing heat. Window shades have wide range of benefits to provide if installed during summers. So here are a few good reasons if you’re thinking about installing Solar shades from Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds:

- Solar shades are Energy efficient:

The solar shades that we offer are energy efficient, which means they limit the Ultra-violet rays that enter your home and make your home cooler. If your home is directly exposed to UV rays, not only does it make it harmful to you and your family, but also because it is way hotter, it does take your air-conditioner more than double the time to cool down the place. With energy efficient solar shades from Craftsman Custom Shutter & Blinds, you can control the amount of light that enters your home, which in turn cuts down the heat and makes your place energy efficient and will also help you reduce your hydro bills.

- Protecting our home interiors from UV rays:

Sunrays aren’t so good for your home accessories, furniture, fixtures and interiors. Prolonged exposure to sunrays will cause the colour of your interiors and wooden décor to fade. Solar shades are the best option to prevent your interiors and décor from the direct exposure of UV rays and help protect the life of your furniture. The same furniture if exposed to direct UV rays could fade colours in no time making it look dull and old, whereas if protected in the right way, in this case with Solar shades, the look and feel of the décor can stay young and fresh for years. This means you do not have to invest in furniture for a long time and solar shades helps you in doing so, cutting unnecessary expenses.

- Solar shades are Eco-Friendly:

The material used to create solar shades at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is Eco-friendly. This means you are making the right choice not just for your home, but also for the enviorment. At Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds we do believe that we are all responsible for our environment and we should contribute in whatever way we can to protect it. Hence, all the products we manufacture at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds are 100% Eco-Friendly which makes you even more confident in choosing not just any regular Custom Window Shades, but Shades at Craftsman Custom Shutter & Blinds.

How solar shades work:

Solar shades possess thermal properties which not only makes them efficient in absorbing sunlight and minimizing them from entering the room, but also possess qualities of reflecting and transmitting light which helps maintain the temperatures inside the room. This helps the house from overheating.


Types of Solar Shades:

Every house has a different look and feel which is a reflection of the homeowners taste and style. Being in the home décor industry we understand this better than no other. In fact, choosing window coverings can be daunting as it can make or break the whole look of your room and the house overall.  We at Craftsman Custom Shutter & Blinds make a variety of products that meets every individual’s needs.

Solar shades also come in two major types:

  • Silhouette shades: This kind comes with one movable piece that moves up or down to help you adjust the amount of light that you would like to enter your home and with the same light diffusing effect which makes it one of the most in demand product of Solar shades at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds.


  • Roller shades: As the name suggests, they are easy to roll and feature separate movable parts, sort of like slats. They are trendy, easy to use, roll up and down to help you control the light and are an affordable option when you come to Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds.

An added advantage of choosing any Solar shades is that they are easy to maintain and clean, unlike curtains which demand unhooking them, washing them and then re-hooking them. This is not the case with Solar shades a regular wipe down with a cloth can clean your Shades in a jiffy making them look as new as ever.


The Craftsman Advantage:

Apart from our products being affordable, customizable to your taste and eco-friendly at the same time, we are also able to motorize them to provide you with added comfort. Yes, you can choose your Solar shades to be motorized which means you do not have to control it manually whenever you want to roll them up or down in the course of the day. We help you turn the same shades into automatic motorized control for an affordable option which not only makes it easier to control them, but also fun and trendy at the same time. An additional benefit is also that inspite of making your shades motorized, maintaining these shades is as easy as manual shades.


Prices of Solar Shades

Price can be one of the major determining factors when it comes to choosing solar shades for your home, at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds our motto is to make it affordable and offer you the best pricing options.

In fact, we have timely offers to make Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds a more lucrative option for you along with offering the best warranty and installing rates on our products.

For more information on pricing, please feel free to reach us by emailing us at or calling us at 416.282.4229 and we will be happy to help..  Feel free to also visit our website at


About Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds & Why our customers trust us:

Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is a Canadian family-owned business primarily focusing on custom Window Coverings. We currently operate and manufacture in Scarborough since 1995 and have been proudly serving Toronto and the GTA region for over 24 years.

We are one of the trusted and the best custom window shutter manufacturing companies in Toronto and have been successful in establishing ourselves as one of the leaders in the industry with our wide range of custom and eco-friendly products, great quality and prices and an exceptional after sales maintenance service.

Craftsman Custom shutter & Blinds offers a wide array of quality blinds, shutters and shades for both residential and commercial needs with our self manufactured local products as well as our reputed partner products from manufacturers like Elite Window Fashions.

If you are located in any part of Toronto or the GTA and looking for custom window coverings for your home, we can proudly say Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is a one-stop destination for all your window covering needs. Feel free to give us a call at 416.282.4229 or send an inquiry to

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