Solar Shades and Blinds: The Ultimate Sun Glasses For your Windows

Adding Solar shades to your home or office windows is an ideal way of transforming your windows without spending a huge amount of money.  For all your window solutions and treatments, Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is a premier window coverings company in Toronto.

Why Opt for Solar Shades?

Thinking about an ideal solution to minimize the harsh rays of the sun? Energy-efficient solar shades are the perfect sunglasses for your beautifully designed home windows. They come in a variety of shades, designs and patterns that gives a modern sleek look to any space in your home. Natural sunlight is gently diffused by these shades blocking the unsafe UV rays to keep the room cool and calm. Solar shades are pretty modest yet streamlined in appearance which complements any sort of home décor or style. They are also a perfect fit when it comes to exterior courtyard settings of the house. 

Some Salient Features of Solar Shades

  • Among the most versatile window coverings that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly solar shades.
  • They act as an excellent safeguard against scorching heat especially during dry hot summers, reducing the air-conditioning and cooling costs. 
  • Solar shades come in a vast variety of fabrics and textures that synchronizes well with one’s residential or commercial interiors. 
  • Even when the shades are completely lowered, the outside view from the window is quite visible.
  • Solar shades greatly reduce the sun glares in the room, making it hassle-free for one to view their TV screen and computer monitor easily and effectively. 
  • A best-fit not only for residential properties, but also ideal for commercial spaces like offices, schools, restaurants, pubs, hospitals etc.
  • Exterior solar shades not only protect from harsh sunlight and UV rays.  Instead they also provide the privacy that you require with a classy finish and style that matches your home décor. 
  • Solar shades play a vital role in purifying the light that gets transferred in the room for a greater aura and a warm ambience. 

How do Solar Shades Perform?

Solar shades absorb solar energy in their fabric through a unique solar absorption

property preventing harsh ultra violet rays penetrating into the fabric where you won’t have to replace your shades on a regular basis.  Also, preventing it from passing through the shades to your TV screen, computer monitor, furniture and floor the solar energy is thereby reflected by the fabric. 

Solar Shades and Blinds for a Contemporary Home

A wide array of high-quality fabrics is used in manufacturing solar shades and blinds that manages the glare, heat and the sunlight. Solar blinds control that extra glare and light that gets transmitted in your room. Solar shades and blinds come in two varieties i.e. Roller and Silhouette. 

Roller blinds are curved in shape to transmit light in every nook of the house and like the traditional shutters they too have the slats. Whereas Silhouette blinds have the perfect contemporary look thereby providing light diffusing technology. They are exclusively designed in such a way as a moveable piece that rolls up and down to provide the perfect amount of light in the room. Nonetheless cleaning and maintaining solar blinds requires less maintenance. 

Window Shades in Ajax

Looking for window shades in Ajax? Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds a one-stop source destination is here for all your tailor-made custom window treatments. It proudly offers an amazing assortment of window blinds, shades and shutters which will match your expectations when it comes to aesthetic craftsmanship and quality. So decorate and design your home in Ajax with some of our top quality window shades and blinds! You won’t regret buying from Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds!

Some of the Options for Window Shades in Ajax

  • Roller shades: - Planning to purchase sleek and stylish window shades with lots of flexibility and easy to operate?? Roller shades are the best fit for your newly designed or redeveloped house in Ajax. It’s usually crafted with a single fabric that gets wrapped at the top of the window frame. If you’re planning to fix small windows just above your kitchen sink or in a small bathroom area, then roller shades are the best option which are not only adaptable, there endless designs make this shade quite reasonable and stands out from the crowd. With thousands of fabrics, patterns, textures and embellishments you can really fall in love mixing these roller shades that matches with your home décor or your style statement. For a clear view these shades can be motorized and usually they are cordless which are child-pet friendly.  
  • Roman Shades: - Planning to redesign your home décor in Ajax with state-of-the-art designs and spectacular versatility? Roman shades are here to combine the sheer elegance of long curtains with comfort and convenience of a shade. Craftsman showcases some of the natural yet exquisite textures and patterns to give that bold, mystic and romantic feel to any of your room. To give that classy feel and charm roman shades come in a variety of styles from casual to traditional, from contemporary to elegant. A wide variety of fabric choices are also available if you opt for roman shades from Craftsman. Fabrics ranging from soft opulent silks to trendy stripes, from audacious patterns to polished neutrals and jazzy jacquards are available for filtration of light to darken the room. Roman shades when raised can be converted into elegant decorative draperies which are dropped usually at the top of the windows. 

Motorizing Your Window Shades and Blinds 

  • The best way of upgrading the perfect window shades and blinds in Ajax is by motorizing them. Here are some of the key benefits of motorizing window shades and blinds.
  • Saves Lot of Time: At the touch of a button you can have complete control on your window shades and blinds by getting them completely motorized. This will actually save a lot of time which would not require you to run around to open or close your windows or need not struggle to open the skylight shade which is at the zenith. 
  • Saves Huge Amount of Money: Craftsman’s team of experts will take you through a seamless process of installing blinds so that you don’t face any hurdles while opening and closing your window blinds. Process of installing solar pre-sets can also be guided through by the experts which is indeed a huge advantage. And after installing solar pre-sets you’ll be actually pleased to view the difference in your electricity bills. 
  • Free in-house Quotes and Installation: Our team of experts will gauge through a series of motorization products and will determine which product will do wonders with your window blinds and will manage the installation for free of cost. 
  • Extensive Warranty Period: Extensive warranty at Craftsman guarantees that whichever installation work is undertaken will be completed in a right manner as per the estimated date. And with a touch of a button may it be from your tablet, smartphone, and laptop or through a remote device the window shades and blinds will be smoothly functioning. 
  • Works with the “Top-Quality” Motorization Industry: At craftsman we partner with ‘Somfy” a name to reckon within the motorization business. Somfy’s best known for its renowned products, its top quality, tremendous performance and safety while using the products.  

High Quality Shades in Ajax from Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds

Looking for classy, dazzling high quality window shades and blinds in Ajax? Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is here with unbeatable deals when it comes to window shades and blinds. A reliable name over the last 2 decades, they are very passionate about their products and services.  Not only when it comes to window shutters and shades but also your entire décor style and your level of comfort is taken care of by the expert team at Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds. It’s indeed a daunting task, of selecting the perfect window shades for your house in Ajax, but the Craftsman team takes care of everything right from selecting the right shade to getting it installed.  

At Craftsman, it’s a matter of pride to offer the finest products in the shutter and shades industry. We manufacture and provide one of the best products when it comes to innovative designs, privacy, energy efficiency, child and pet safety etc. When it comes to altering harsh sunlight to a gorgeous ambient light, for your home in Ajax one needs to bank on Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds for their top products which are the best options. 

Feel free to contact our team of experts for free advice, tips and tricks in finding, buying and installing the right shades for your home in Ajax. Window treatments can actually revolutionize one’s home. So go to or call (416) 282-4229. We’re just a phone call away!


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