Make the Most of California Shutters for a Perfect Home Decor

Your personality is usually reflected in your home décor. The interior shutters you use in your home play a very important role, as windows tend to make up a major feature of the overall look of your home. They should be expressive as well as offer a completely new look to your sweet abode. While window shutters guarantee to add elegance to beautify your home, the type and design also matter when it comes to complimenting the interior. Otherwise, the windows are likely to appear dull in case it fails to match the relevant shutters. There is a wide array of options available today for window interior shutters by Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds which includes California Shutters, Plantation shutters, and traditional shutters. While all these interior shutter types hold some benefit or the other, most Canadian households prefer the California shutters over anything else. 

6 Prime Benefits You Avail with The Use of California Shutters

California shutters come with numerous benefits.  Let’s check out the top 10 benefits that most users have enjoyed with their use of this interior shutter type.

1. Privacy

California shutters come with slats that can be easily adjusted giving you additional control over them as per your needs. From closing them for complete privacy to adjusting them in different angles to let some light come it; you can position the slats effectively.

2. Durability

Most of the interior shutter types that are available in the market come with a specified period of warranty and lasts for a few years. Since there is no need to get them replaced anytime soon, you will find your investment quite worthy. In addition, these shutters can be custom-made to help fit them accurately in the windows. Also, California shutters boast a classic design that is not likely to go out of style anytime.

3. Beauty

California shutters have designs and finishes that can be complimented with any type of universal home decor. While you can get them painted white for a perfect traditional style, getting them in modern finishes, texture, and stains is also available. However, since they are visible from the interior and the exterior of your house, it is recommended to select the color that gives a cohesive look both on the inside and outside of the house.

4. Maintenance

One of the prime concerns with the installation of interior shutters is ‘maintenance’. California shutters call for minimum maintenance and all that you have to do is simply wipe down the slats using a cloth and anti-dust solution. The use of water is not a bad idea.

5. Versatile

If you are looking for interior shutters suitable for every room of your house, ‘California shutters’ is the answer. Its quintessential design is highly versatile and perfectly blends well with any type of room decor. Whether you are looking for waterproof variants for the bathrooms or want to upgrade your kitchen decor without spending on renovation services; move a step ahead with the installation of California shutters.

6. Fresh Air Flow

The use of California shutters lets you open all the windows and adjust the slats as per need thus ensuring the fresh flow of air. Being made of heavy and solid materials, the chances of fluttering or making noise in the wind are curtailed.


If you want to enhance the beauty of your home with new interior shutters without compromising your privacy, it is recommended to switch to Craftsman Custom Shutter and Blinds, California shutters. Contact us today to book a consultation to find out all the details of our choices.  All Shutters are manufactured inhouse as per the clients specifications.


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