How To Save On Your Utility Bill with Interior Wood Shutters

Homeowner’s all over Toronto is continually upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, which includes the air conditioning units, washer-dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator and many more. Are you interested in adapting to a more energy efficient technology?  It is important to consider the air passing into your home through the window, especially during the winter. Replacing the shutter’s you have installed in your home with interior wood shutters will be of help.

Cut down your electricity bill with good quality interior shutters

How can window shutters help to save on my utility bill? This is certainly something to think about. Have you ever felt the flow of cold air through your home, especially during the winter? Outside temperatures can affect you even when you are inside the home by slipping through the windows in your living room and bedroom. The more and more your room temperature dips in the winter, the more you have to keep your heater running. This goes around the same during summer when the use of AC is essential to escape from the dry heat waves. Interior wood shutters lend an extra layer of insulation to your apartment, office or home preventing the outside temperature from seeping in to determine your room temperature.

About 40% of your home’s air, whether it be cold or hot, gets lost through the outdated, old and exposed windows and doors. Taking preventive measures to cut back on this exposure will help you to save money on the cooling during the summer and the heating during the winter months. However, the amount any homeowner can end up saving by installation of interior wood shutters depends largely on various factors. Check out these as you follow:

  • Thermostat temperature- The cost of interior wood shutters installation in your home will depend on the temperature at which you set the thermostat. Remember that even two or a single degree can have a huge difference on the bill that you have to pay per year for heating and cooling.
  • Size of your House- If you have a large house, it is obvious to set the thermostat high. The solution to this is to bear a one-time cost on replacing the old shutters with new interior wood shutters on all your windows and doors, to save on the utility bill.
  • Quality of the shutter- Not all interior wood shutters available on the market are a good quality. Spending on inferior quality shutters will make a negligible change to your utility bill.  Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds have been serving the GTA for over 25 years can help you feel the difference.

Wrapping Up

Interior wood shutters help save you money every month on your utility bills because the energy consumption is less. However, nothing compares to the protection they offer you from the direct ultraviolet radiation from the sun while sitting by the window reading your favorite book or sipping a cup of your favorite tea!

To get details on interior wood shutters and their impact on utility bills, get in touch with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds


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