How To Find The Best Wholesale and Commercial Shutter Company

One of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your home is to take to the idea of a good window treatment. This calls for the installation of window shutters, especially ones with an attractive combination of style, material, and color. But another essential thing to consider is getting products from a reputed company manufacturing shutters keeping the quality standard in concern. It is often believed that the ones offering only retail products tend to have issues with quality consistency at times since their products don’t come directly from their factory. On the other hand, companies engaged in wholesale and commercial shutters besides running a retail sector are usually the best fit for your deals. This is because most of their products are manufactured by them and directly comes from their factory.However, to find and finalize a deal with a good shutter company calls for considering a number of factors. Keep reading to solve this puzzle and enjoy getting quality shutters installed in your home or workspace.

Factors to consider when investing in wholesale and commercial shutters

New homeowners working on building their homes or ones who wish to replace their old drafty shutters are mostly in need of buying new shutters in bulk. This also applies to commercial workspace owners or builders working on a large-scale property. In such cases, it makes sense to reach out to a reputable wholesale and commercial shutters dealer instead of setting up with a small retailer. These factors will help you to find the best dealer to cater to your needs:

  • Find whether the products are locally made or not

Many companies sell products manufactured overseas. This means that the wait time for you to have your shutters delivered is probably going to be about 6 to 8 weeks or more considering the weather condition and delays in customs clearance. Besides, the materials that are being used for making these shutters are a subject to question. It has been observed that in most cases, the shutters exported from overseas are made from pieces of wood either edge glued or finger-jointed. They are hardly the whole basswood with a skeptical manufacturing and finishing process. Local manufacturers such as Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds are mostly regulated by the local standard guidelines and have to adhere to these strictly to be in business. They also have to follow strict restrictions with respect to the use of materials and paints, making the deliverables safe for installation and use.

  • Company Reputation

Often overlooked the reputation of the company you are buying the product from matters a lot with the product quality. It is necessary to carry out research on certain details hitched to the reputation of the company, its ratings, and reviews to understand their standpoint in the market. Also, check the warranty they offer for their products. Getting your shutters from companies offering one year warranty has a high chance of putting you at the risk of facing trouble in case something wrong pops up with your shutters. Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds has been rated as one of the best wholesale and commercial shutters companies since 1995 with high-quality products and better after-sale service.

  • Better price

When you are shopping for wholesale and commercial shutters, it is best to ask for written quotes detailing what you will get through the purchase. This includes the product material, rate per square foot, whether it is inclusive of installation charges or not, and more. It is also essential to stay aware of companies offering quotes that sound too different or low than that offered by others. Research on the market price is your only way to make the best decision here.

Final Say

Following these three factors mentioned above will be guiding you to find the best wholesale and commercial shutters company offering quality products for your home, office, or commercial space.


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