5 High End Blinds and Shades Your Home Needs

High-end blinds and shades will make your home look like it belongs in a glossy interior design magazine. But, finding the right high-end blinds and shades that suit your tastes can be tough. Where do you look? Which company do you choose? Easy. With Craftsman, you get quality high-end window coverings at competitive prices.

What makes a shade high end?

High-end blinds and shades are called as such because they not only exude style but they’re durable to boot.  Window coverings have two purposes, to keep light from entering your room or to let it in. Furthermore, if you have small children you don’t want them to get intrigued by long, dangling cords and become tied up in them. Our selections of shades and blinds can be optimized with child safety in mind, so you don’t have to worry about loose cords.

Choose from a wide variety of gorgeous window coverings listed below.

Light-filtering shades: Controlling light is key when it comes to your shades. Choose shades that let natural light envelop the room when opened and give you utter privacy when closed. With different materials available like semi-opaque to sheer shading to darker options, you can decide what how much incoming light your rooms need.

Blackout blinds: We all value our rest and with blackout blinds, you won’t lose any sleep. Blackout blinds are made with sturdy materials that block light completely. You won’t see the sun creeping in until you open your blackout blinds. These are especially popular for bedrooms and nurseries or any room you rest your head in. Furthermore, dens and media rooms can benefit from blackout blinds since they keep glare off your TV allowing you to see the screen without obstructions.

Roman shades: They say the classics never go out of style and that couldn’t be truer than with roman shades. With a timeless yet modern look, roman shades are made from light-filtering fabrics that give you privacy when closed and an unobstructed view when opened. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and dens, roman shades are elegant without being stuffy. Moreover, we carry roman shades from Elite Window Fashions because they are the best in the industry and our customers deserve the best.

Wood blinds: When it comes to chic durability, wood blinds are the way to go. Crafted from the best quality woods, we can customize our wood blind options so that they enhance your current décor. With a control system that’s easy to use, wood blinds offer different slat sizes, letting you control how much light you let in.

Cellular shades: Often referred to as honeycomb shades because of the way their air pockets are shaped, cellular shades work in many rooms, no matter the size. With an elegant finish, these high-end shades can be customized to fit your tastes and possess insulation properties that will help your heating and cooling bill stay on budget. With options from Elite Window Fashions and Hunter Douglas, we stock the best cellular shades on the market.

Solar shades: As aforementioned, blinds can also come with energy-efficient properties that reduce your heating and cooling bills and block out the sun’s harsh UV rays. If you’ve ever noticed that the floors in your home are warped or your furniture seems to be getting more and more discoloured after every season, it’s because your blinds and shades aren’t doing their job. The sun’s rays are toxic for furniture and floors but with our selection of solar blinds, you’ll never have to worry about this problem again. Equipped with solar-absorption properties, these high-end blinds and shades trap the UV light in before diffusing it, ensuring it doesn’t penetrate your home and destroy its contents.

The Craftsman advantage for high-end window coverings

The customer is king when it comes to Craftsman. We started our humble operations back in 1995 and have since grown into one of the most trusted names in the window coverings industry. We believe that our customers should have the best, long-lasting window products on the market which is why we stand by our work and the work of the leading manufacturers (Elite Window Fashions) that we stock.

When it comes to high-end blinds and shades, your one-stop-shop is Craftsman. All homes need a touch of style, why not trust Craftsman to provide it? Plus, we offer free in home quotes. Contact us today at 416-282-4229 and we’ll turn the rooms in your home into breathtaking masterpieces.


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