This is a great time to change your shutters in Ajax

As the weather starts to get warmer, upgrading your window coverings can really make a difference to the look and feel of your home.  At Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds all shutters are manufactured in-house giving you a custom look that suits your interior.  Being in the shutters industry now for two decades we take great pride in our work. 

Why Opt for Shutters with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds?

- Long-lasting 

Where do you find the best shutters for your home? How would it be if you can find a variety of shutters in Ajax at one place? With Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds you do not need to look around or go from store to store to find the shutters and blinds that suit your taste and style. We ensure that the materials used to build your shutters is the best oak, pine or maple wood with hand-finishing to avoid stains in the future. While the shutters will enhance the look and feel of your décor, it will last long too

- Remote Controlled Operation

You can adjust your lights the way you want by remotely accessing these shutters. If you want to sleep in on a Sunday and there is too much light exposure you can darken your room by using a remote. The technicality lies in the motor installed within each shutter. If there are areas in your house that you cannot reach, these motorized or remote controlled shutters can be very convenient for you.

- Customization

Is your window shaped a little different? Get in touch with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds because we build our shutters custom to fit any window size.   Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds have been building shutters and blinds since 1995 because of which their record of providing top quality shutters and other services has been proven in the window coverings industry.

Different Types of Shutters in Ajax

Believe us or not, these kinds of shutters are available in different materials. Be it your workplace or residence, we have ensured that the wooden shutters at Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds are made available to you giving you a luxurious feeling. Other materials available for you with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds are as follows:

- Vinyl Shutters

Do you want your shutters to be colourful? Maybe! Everyone has their own set of choices, and Vinyl Shutters in Ajax would be the right thing to opt for when you are looking for shutters in different colours and you would not have to spend too much time on maintenance as they are fabricated with high-quality PolySilk Vinyl.

- Composite Shutters

These are not real wood shutters but their texture gives the feel and look of wooden shutters. And, composite shutters are perfect in the atmosphere of Toronto. They refrain sunlight, and moisture to enter your home. So ideally, it is applicable for both the seasons - summers and winters. Why wait to buy this multi-purpose protective shutter?

- Wooden Shutters

The most traditional shutters are wooden shutters and we are sure that they are the best with Craftsman Custom Shutter and Blinds. A simple look and feel with extreme versatility would be perfect for contemporary interiors.

- Specialty Shutters

Specialty shutters are a mixture of vinyl and natural wood to provide a look that suits your overall interiors. It has an amazing value in the market for it is easy to install, available in different shapes, and allows exposure to light as per your requirement.

- Traditional Shutters

These shutters provide a classic look to any kind of room in a European style with 1-1/2" louvres. It is ideal to install traditional shutters in rooms which require extra ventilation or the rooms that are smaller in size. 

- California Shutters

Everyone loves cool breeze flowing in their house, especially during summers. And, everyone definitely wants to keep their room warm during the chilling winters. This mechanism of air circulation is possible because it is created with 2-1/2" louvres. These shutters provide air circulation as per your desire during the seasons. which turns out to be a reason for you to choose California Shutters.

- Plantation Shutters

The perfect shutters for any huge rooms except the kitchen which includes your living room, dining room and of course, your bedroom. Being designed with 3-1/2" louvres, they provide maximum airflow in your room.

- Oceanview Shutters

Flick your shutter slats back and forth with Oceanview shutters for they are designed with 4-1/2” louvres. The reason you would opt for these shutters is to allow the natural light seep-into your room. Oh yes, if you have an amazing window-view, you should definitely opt for oceanview shutters.

You will find everything related to shutters with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds for they are not new in the industry; but assisting people for more than 2 decades with exceptional customer service.  Call us at 416-282-4229 to book an appointment or to get a quote. 



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