Get The Best Exterior Shutters for Your Home Decor

Keeping up with the trend and making sure you stay updated with your home decor is essential if you prioritize the look of your home. It is always believed that first impressions are the last impressions and to impress someone with your home, make sure that everything linked to it stays true to your style and is updated. This applies to your exterior shutters as well. Exterior Shutters play an important role as first impressions are important. But how to decide the look, colour and style of exterior shutters suiting your home, requires expert help. Keep reading to learn more about decorating your home with a good choice of exterior shutters.

5 things to consider when selecting exterior shutters

While there are endless factors to consider when making any decisions related to exterior shutters, the most prominent and useful ones to create a style statement are as follows:

  • Stick to simplicity

Simplicity is recognized as the ultimate sophistication. It stands for purity. Try to opt for simple shutters with uncluttered and pure effect to make sure that other attention worthy factors on the outside of the house, do not end up losing importance. Simplicity is lined up with minimalism and simple shutters wherever incorporated can add a refreshing, clean and nice touch to the entire decor.

To add a touch of simplicity to the exterior of your property, always opt for exterior shutters coming in neutral colors, minimal details and sharp lines. You can also opt for those with a single large panel or one in the batten and board style from Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds You can also ask for custom made options.

  • Colours decide it all

The overall look of your property depends largely on colours. While it is suggested to go for dark colours typically, today light-colored exterior shutters have also gained importance with time. Light colours works well when you wish to give the modern touch to any old home or building that has some historical value. On the other hand, dark shutters work best with light wall colour in case of restoration works. You can also opt for custom colours getting in touch with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds

  • No not play foul with basics

The rule to enhance the look of your house with good exterior shutters is to make sure that the shutters don’t end up overpowering the appearance of the house. Remember, not all the houses are designed in a way that makes them look exotic. In such an instance, sticking to traditional raised panel style shutters or the louvered shutters is the best decision you will ever make. For houses constructed with a mix of shingles and siding or stone and brick, opt for Board and Batten shutters. 

  • Stay Maintenance Free

If you want to stay maintenance free to the extent of having some decorations for your exterior of your house to enhance its look, nothing sounds perfect than decorative shutters. These shutters are best to elevate the appearance of your house if you go for the accurate size, material and placement. Direct mount shutters are also an option for those who wish to accentuate the windows and add some appeal.

  • Never compromise on personality and flair

Having that perfect look for your house is now easy with the concept of custom cut-outs added to your shutters. You can enhance the personality of your house with cut outs of any shape added to the shutters, from crescent moons to trees to stars, hearts, sun or any. If you wish to stay traditional at the same time being bold, then go for full cut outs or else stick to just a simple relief cut on one corner of the shutter. For this purpose, Board and Batten or Paneled shutters work best.

Final Say

An exterior shutter style that has been chosen, keeping all or most of these factors mentioned above will be the best to enhance the look of your house and create that impression on the onlookers. Make sure not to deviate from these guidelines and get the best product with Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds today.


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