The Place for Custom Condo Blinds in Toronto

With the very hot condo market across Canada, more and more condo owners are looking for condo blinds that are both attractive and practical. And since every condo unit is different in size and shape, there are unique challenges to address. For those who are currently shopping for condo blinds in Toronto, it’s wise to have a strategy that considers design elements, physical size, window location, and of course, project budget. Each of these considerations will influence the type of window treatment that’s finally chosen. And here, a handy checklist would be of value.

Toronto Homeowners Checklist for Condo Blinds

  • consider the type of ceiling construction (concrete, drywall, plaster)
  • accurately measure window height and width (consider the shape)
  • think about unique/irregular shapes or awkward structural spaces
  • identify patio doors that may require a different approach to blinds
  • make sure to note how specific windows open and close (the range)

When shopping around for condo blinds in Toronto, some condo owners are going to be limited to certain options based on the rules of the building. More than anything, these limitations would be based on colour choice and materials. Beyond that, it would be important to know whether the window coverings will have to be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. And with so many condos now having floor-to-ceiling windows, this too is an important consideration. Finally, there are some basics to determine – like privacy; energy efficiency; sunshine glare; and the budget.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the most common window coverings. Popular on wide windows and patio doors, these blinds are easy to use and very durable. The “traditional” blinds are available in fabric, vinyl, and wood. The “cellular” shades are ideal when energy efficiency is essential. And “panel tracks” are ideal for either window coverings or room dividers.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are used for either room-darkening or light-filtering purposes. They are typically installed as “inside mount” and easy to coordinate with existing drapery. Flat Roman shades are clean and modern. Tailored Roman shades feature a pleat and a slight fold. Waterfall Roman shades have curving folds. Roman shades are available in top down, bottom up, and cordless.

Roller Blinds/Shades

Roller blinds and screen shades are ideal for condominium windows because they can be custom fabricated in large sizes (without being too heavy). They are available in many colours, styles, and materials: linen, vinyl, suede, and fabric. Once installed, roller blinds offer a clean, modern look, allowing the brackets and mechanics to be hidden, and covering up the rolling blind.

Silhouette Blinds

Silhouette blinds are popular for light filtering or room darkening. These blinds are louvered like shutters, and soft like drapery. Silhouette blinds are UV rated and Greenguard certified, for the eco-conscious customer who prefers a “green” that is energy efficient and looks great at the same time. Always looking great once installed, these blinds are also available in at a budget price.

Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds

For condo blinds in Toronto, Craftsman is one of the premier window-covering suppliers in the area. We offer a wide range of condo blinds in Toronto – all of them fully customized and expertly installed with great attention to detail. We stand behind all of our products and we offer clients a comprehensive warranty. Condominium owners looking for quality condo blinds in Toronto can count on Craftsman - we have something for every room, at a price for every budget. Call the professionals at Craftsman for a FREE in-home quote at 416-282-4229 or visit the company website at  


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