Custom Blinds Installation in Toronto

Window treatments can be complicated when it comes to their installation. Blinds can take hours to install.  Installing blinds, shades, shutters and draperies in your home can be a challenging task. Don’t stress, Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is here to make it hassle-free with a quick expert installation guide. Depending on the product that you choose, installation process and its instructions may generally differ. For proper installation it’s advisable to refer to the specific product and its exact installation instructions. Let’s quickly glance through a few tips that should be kept in mind before installing custom window blinds in your home. Here are a few of them listed below for your further reference.

  • A steel tape is very essential for accurate measurements.
  • Either an inside or an outside mount for window measurements should be accounted which has its own benefits. An inside mount is installed inside the window recess and provides a clear and a finished look. Whereas an outside mount reposes above the window and thereby covers the entire window frame.
  • Before beginning with the installation process it’s always better to make a thorough check whether there’s accurate amount of screws, mounts, bolts and enough of hardware in-store to avoid unforeseen circumstances and unwanted delays in installation.


Tools for Installing Custom Blinds:

Installing Window treatments can be either done on your own with minimal amount of tools, whereas some treatments require more tools and skilled craftsmen for installation. Here’s a list of few tools that needs to be kept handy before beginning with the installation process:

  • A Ladder with good steps
  • A steel measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Drilling Machine
  • And a Level Tool

Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds - Toronto For Installation of Custom Window Blinds:

Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds offer an exclusive guarantee on the purchased products for their esteemed list of clients.  This has somewhat helped to create a forte in the market when it comes to window treatments, installation of custom blinds, shades, shutters and draperies. Our commitment has made people count on us for over 20 years.  When your window installation is in the hands of skilled professionals like that of Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds, one can relax and enjoy the scenic beauty outside their window. Installation process is done at a faster pace by our professionals. We come and quickly complete the installation without interfering in your household activity or without stopping the business flow at your commercial property.

We are fast in responding to our client’s requests.  Apart from all the above reasons Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is also looked upon as a trusted name in Toronto.

Here are a few reasons which are listed below:

  • Timely Installation Service.
  • Fast & Easy Installation of Custom Blinds.
  • Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds gets a cutting-edge years of experience on the table when it comes to installation of window coverings and its treatments.
  • Best of products and tools are always used during installation which are available at competitive and affordable prices.
  • Skilled and experienced craftsmen with advanced knowledge.


Key Advantages of Hiring a Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds Window Blinds Expert:

Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds has become a household name in Toronto when it comes to custom window blinds, shutters and shades for over a decade. It’s a privilege to offer an expert, hassle-free service to our happy list of clients. When it comes to window coverings Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds has a wide array of choices to offer. We take care of everything right from selecting the right window blind, measuring, buying and installing it. We also take care of all the ground work, from heavy lifting of materials to installation, ensuring your window blinds is perfectly done. Fixing of window blinds are done within no time by our skilled craftsmen, but at the same time we see to it that it’s done professionally so that the window coverings are safe, secured with no further issues. After the installation we take you through the necessary steps of using your new window blind to prevent damage from continuous wear and tear, from breakage etc.  After the entire installation process is complete, all the cleaning up is taken care of by us. Should you need any further guidance after repairs, Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is always there for extended support even once the window coverings or blinds are installed. We provide a yearlong warranty to our valuable clients.

Seek Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds Professional’s Assistance for Custom Window Blinds:

When it comes to measuring and installation of custom window blinds, shutters, shades and draperies we are just a phone call away. Right from free home consultation to perfect measuring, right installation to the best warranty period Craftsman Custom Shutters & Blinds is a one-stop destination in Toronto for all your window treatment needs. Visit our website at for more info or call us at 416.282.4229 and book a free home consultation or to get expert advice. Our professional craftsmen will be there at your door-step to assist you further with all your inqueries.


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