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About Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds:

Craftsman is a family-owned shutter and blinds manufacturing business that was established in the year 1995 in Scarborough, Ontario. The company was started from ground level with a handful of 3 crew members. With over two decades of experience it’s proud to be outgrown twice in its world-class manufacturing facility. Today it’s one of the leading shutter manufacturing company managing its operations from their head office located in Scarborough.  After creating a strong foothold in the industry for more than 17 years, the company decided to produce high quality of shutters combining their vast knowledge and experience that they can bring to the table. Through extensive research and experiments, the company created its first wooden shutter that can last longer than any other window covering. This was how Craftsman Custom Built Shutter & Blinds created a niche in the market!!!

Craftsman Custom Built Shutters Manufacturing: 

When it comes to the best quality finished products, top-notch customer service, professional installation of window shutters and blinds, a quick turn-around-time then Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds is the name you can bank upon. 

Our manufacturing process is solely based on the below elements as mentioned:

  • Quality: High quality craftsmanship, vast product knowledge, best affordable prices, combined together we bring you a wide array of products and services that makes us distinct from our competitors, channel partners in the market.

  • Accuracy: Having the right set of resources, personnel and adequate experience makes our work run smoothly and efficiently. We ensure the work is completed as per the exact turn-around time that we have agreed to.

  • Precision: The process that we follow during manufacturing is undoubtedly fantastic. Each and every section of window shutters or blinds is meticulously worked on to get the attention to detail at each and every juncture. 

  • Perfection: We ensure that we are perfect in each and every project that we undertake by carefully following a planned series of steps. We ensure that we stick to strong communication and a schedule that works round the clock. 

Comprising all the above elements we believe in delivering products 

  • That has the best value in the market 

  • That matches the Right Budget 

  • That saves a lot of time. 


Interior Shutters:

Bought a new house?  … Thinking how to beautify the windows in your home? Which would give that Wow feeling! Interior shutters are the perfect addition to your newly built or existing home windows. They permit you to upgrade your window style without spending a huge amount of money. Your home is your lifelong investment. So why not nurture and beautify that lifelong investment with a spectacular, outstanding, eye-catching window shutters exclusively designed by Craftsman Custom Built Shutter & Blinds?

At Craftsman we customise the window shutters as per the customer’s choice, taste for colour, variety, wood type etc. We select the right and finest quality of wood that is available in the market. Some of the most popular wood that we use in manufacturing the window shutters are the American poplar, Red oak, pine and maple etc. to name a few. Shutters are generally given a finished touch according to the customer’s requirement with a wide range of long-lasting, durable finishes including standard wide, custom paint colours, custom stains and mini wax stains. To offer the best finishing window shutters only high quality paints, primers, stains and materials are used at Craftsman Custom Built Shutter & Blinds which thereby enhances the quality of the shutters. Our custom shutters are manufactured in such a fashion that it’s durable for a longer time which requires very less or minimal maintenance. 


Why Choose Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds as your #1 Shutter Manufacturing Company?

It all started in the year 1995 as a three- man army which eventually led to an enterprise in the realm of custom and window shutters industry.  To suit any home when it comes to custom built shutters and blinds, Craftsman is one of the premier companies to offer customised products. With each new client Craftsman strives to expand and has outgrown twice its other neighbouring offices. The reason behind growing through each new client is that we closely work with them as if we are designing, constructing and installing the shutters in our own house. Further to add more we stand by our words when it comes to our products and services and also we offer an exclusive warranty. This way customized shutters are being created at Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds as per each customer’s requirements. Our goal is to render exactly what a customer is looking for. Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds is a one stop destination when it comes to customized manufacturing of interior shutters. A wide array of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes are chosen for all your window shutter needs. You name it and we are here to customize as per your choice. May it be a small colour change, a window with an ark or a curve, a twist here and there we can do almost anything and everything as per your needs and requirements. Window shutters provide a cool airflow in the house thereby allowing adequate air and light to transmit in one’s room. 


We offer a wide selection of shutters that suits one’s home décor.  Here are a few of them:

  • Traditional

  • California

  • Plantation

  • Ocean view

Traditional Shutters: These kind of shutters work on any type of room, especially with the smaller rooms that requires extra ventilation. Traditional Shutters provide the perfect aura and feel of European style with a good airflow.

California Shutters: Not each and every room in the house have perfect air circulation that is actually required. This is where California shutters are extensively used. They are the best shutters to play a dual role both in summer as well as in winter. It provides a cool breeze in the scorching summers and keeps the cold air out of the house in the chilly winters.

Plantation Shutters: If you’re looking for a good amount of airflow in the house then Plantation shutters are the right choice that one should opt for. They are ideal for your living room, dining room and bedroom windows through which one can easily enjoy the cool breeze that flows in. 

Oceanview Shutters: A customized shutter is incomplete without an ocean view style of window shutter. This type of shutter is exclusively designed with slats that can be flipped back and forth. Thereby allowing the natural light to flow in the room, allowing the beautiful sunlight that would drift in the room. If your newly built house has an eye-catching view especially from your bedroom, then Oceanview shutters are the right choice.  One would certainly enjoy a beautiful sunshine or a mind-blowing sunset.  


Considering all the above points, make Craftsman Custom Built Shutters & Blinds your No. 1 Shutters Manufacturing company and a one- stop solution for all custom shutters and blinds. 

Call Craftsman Custom Built Shutters and Blinds to help you with all your Custom Shutter needs at 416-282-4229 or email at  


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