Choosing the Perfect Window Shades and Shutters

Window treatments like shades and shutters give an aesthetic appeal to your home, but apart from their elegant look the importance outweighs the look. Window shades add a great value to your home. If chosen aptly and installed correctly, they will bring a vast difference to your windows. Besides being attractive, one can save on their energy bills, they improve the durability of the household furniture and the quality of sound sleep that we get in the night. For a beautiful, safe and a comfortable home, window shades and shutters are the right option to go for.

At Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds, we are exclusively known for our wide array of collections when it comes to shades and shutters. So, if you’re looking for Window Shades in Ajax, or Ocean View shutters in Toronto, then Craftsman is the one-stop solution for all your window treatment needs.

Let’s quickly take a sneak-peak into some of the best available options when it comes to Window Shades in Ajax & Ocean View Shutters in Toronto.

Window Shades in Ajax:

Solar Shades: Also known as sunscreen or solar blinds which are best suited for bright rooms that are prone to UV rays. These are specially made with hi-tech absorbent materials, UV resistance etc. Solar shades provide a perfect poise between classic and modern. If you are looking for eco-friendly window shades in Ajax, then solar shades are the best option to opt for.

Oceanview Shutters in Toronto:

Apart from Window Shades have you ever tried considering Ocean View Shutters?  Ocean View Shutters are the perfect example virtually for any room of your house. Specially designed with louvers consisting slats that can be easily flipped back and forth. These shutters allow the natural light to enter the room. Ocean View Shutters are the perfect choice if you have a room in your house that has a picturesque nature’s view. These are specifically designed for you to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature directly from your home. Ocean View Shutter provides one with joy and warmth and lets you connect with nature by making it visible from inside your’ home. Complementing the interior design features, these shutters are available in various sizes and colours, offering vast benefits like providing safety, beauty and modernity for your home.

There are endless reasons to opt for Craftsman Custom built Ocean View Shutters and Window Shades in Ajax. Let’s make your lovely home more appealing with our affordable, budget-friendly, versatile premium shades and shutters. At Craftsman, you’ll certainly get some of the finest, contemporary and ageless designs when it comes to window shades and shutters in Ajax and Toronto. Call us at 416-282-4229 or visit our website  for further insights on our extensive range of services and products.


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