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Are Custom Window Treatments worth more than Store Bought Window Treatments?

When you are shopping for any new window treatments, have you been left wondering whether it is better to switch to custom window treatments or stick to store-bought ones? Well, you can easily find and install store-bought window shades or blinds, but that is all they have when it comes to the advantage of store-bought window treatments. On the other hand, custom interior blinds Toronto, shutters, or shades for window treatments come with perfect fittings, are stylish, and possess a long lifetime.

Custom Window shades, shutters, and blinds fit the windows better

The window treatment should be able to block a high amount of sunlight along with keeping the passerby away from peeping into the home. In order to ensure that, it is a must to ensure that the shutters perfectly fit the windows. The store-bought window treatments usually come in certain sizes fitting best on a perfect standard square or rectangle shape window. In many cases, it has been found that they are unable to cover the entire windows or are hanging past the window edges and are unable to work properly or even enhance the aesthetic of the building.

Talking of custom window treatments, a window installer will measure the windows properly before they get into making the treatment. The products are entirely handmade to ensure they fit the dimensions properly. In this manner, the custom interior blinds Toronto as well as the shades fit inside the window casing to ensure proper coverage.

Custom interior shutters Toronto will always fit the windows properly. Both faux wood and hardwood interior shutters are skillfully installed within a frame around the windows. The louvered panels of the shutters fit within the frame in order to cover the window when it is closed. Those premium products such as the Ovation and Polywood louvered shutters come with amazing craftsmanship in order to ensure all the parts are working together so as to minimize any kind of gaps when you are closing them. Alongside, custom shutters can be easily fabricated to ensure they fit even specialty window shapes. In case you have an arched or circular or octagon-shaped window, then you can just order the shutters to match its form and stay functional. You won’t be finding any pre-made treatments in either of the shapes.

Custom Blinds and shutters are better than the store-bought ones

Window treatments have a lot to do with simply blocking the light and providing privacy. They should even add some kind of style to your building. Custom window treatments give a better touch to your windows since they fit perfectly and are made from high-quality materials, finishes, and curated colors which help them to appear trendy. On the other hand, store-bought window treatments are usually made out of low-quality materials and are available in generic styles and colors which can blend into any home. They are mostly available for replacing the window treatments that have fallen off or got damaged. Rather, it is recommended to adopt the use of custom window treatments as a product that can uplift the windows of your home along with the living space. The custom-made faux-wood blinds, wood blinds as well as custom interior shutters Toronto come in wonderful finishes and help your home to stand out from the rest. Also, you can opt for wonderful custom interior blinds Toronto for decorating your living area.

Custom Window Treatments even last longer

Another claim that most people have made is that custom window treatments last longer than readily available ones. Not only do the custom window treatments like custom interior shutters Toronto or Blinds look good but also come with longer life. For instance, take vinyl or aluminum store-bought window blinds. These can easily snap or bend, thus leaving some holes which end up making them just useless. They are also likely to fade in the presence of the sun and become visibly unpleasant.

Polywood-made shutters which are considered premium products are likely to last longer. Even everyday wear and tear won’t fade their solid slates or break or bend them.


Wrapping up

Looking for custom interior blinds Toronto and shutters option? All you need to do is reach craftsman interior shutters and blinds to get hold of a good quality custom window treatment- including shutters, blinds, and shades.

Craftsman Custom Shutters and Blinds is a leading window treatment providing solution in Canada, offering products to clients across North America. It all begins here with a complimentary site visit to the home where you wish to install window treatments.


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